A phone number that makes you better.

Stop Feeling Tired

Rewire your sleep habits.
Unlock your full potential.


Avoid mental fog
Feel refreshed and rested when you show up for work.


Stop staying up
Kick the bad habit of staying up late for no reason for good.


Ace your mornings
Start your day on the right foot. Get the sleep you need for the morning you deserve.


No App to Download

Emile is a messaging service that helps you stick to a healthy sleep schedule.

The best part? It runs entirely on SMS.


How Emile Works

Every Sunday, Emile calculates you a custom sleep goal for the coming week.

Throughout the week, you receive reminders and check-ins for your sleep goal.


Your #1 Cheerleader

Emile keeps you accountable and cheers you on with encouraging messages and GIFs.

It's like a friend who cares a little too much about you getting enough sleep.


Try for Free

Try Emile for free (no credit card required)!

Phone Number for Emile's Texts *
Phone Number for Emile's Texts

Currently, Emile only works with US and Canadian numbers, but we're working on expansions so stay tuned!