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Stop Hitting Snooze

Take back your bedtime. Wake up earlier and get more 😴 with just one text a day.

Emile has impacted every part of my life…It’s crazy to think that such small reminders by text can make such a huge difference.

— Patrick, Philadelphia PA


Small Wins

Take on big goals one day at a time. Emile cheers you on every step of the way.

There's a fun level of accountability that makes me think "Oh man, I should go to bed now because don't want to let Emile down!
 MJ, Cleveland OH

 GIF showing a sample celebratory interaction between Emile and user when a user hits their weekly bedtime goal.

Identify Patterns

Understand what's holding you back from a healthier, more productive self.


Emile has helped me form the consistent sleep habits that my Fitbit and SleepCycle apps never could.
 Chris, Durham NC

Commit to
Realistic Goals

Push yourself just the right amount. Make consistent progress week over week.


Emile helps me stay on track of my well-being, which helps me to meet my other goals! Which is the bigger purpose, right?
 Diana, Binghamton NY


Hear how productivity expert Jeff Sanders describes Emile on his podcast, The 5AM Miracle.


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