How to Undo a Bad Bedtime Habit

Some bad bedtime habits are common across Emile users and have relatively simple prescriptions. For example, for someone staying up late on their phone we recommend Freedom, an app for blocking websites on your devices.

Other reasons for missing bedtimes are fairly unavoidable, like travel or emergencies. In these situations we often have limited control over our environments, so eliminating these reasons are less of a low-hanging fruit.

But a good chuck of reasons we miss our bedtime aren't so simple. In fact they involve a cascade of errors that can only be unwound bit by bit.

When a particular reasons for missing your bedtime is starting to look like a bad habit, Emile will ask you if this is something you want to work on as a "target" reason. A target reason receives extra focus from Emile.

Once Emile has a hold of your target reasons, it will help you build a more granular playbook for hitting your weekly bedtime goal. Here are some of the ways Emile might use targeted reasons to help you hone in on your worst bedtime habits:

  • Highlighting a reason in your bedtime reminder: "Remember, bedtime tonight is 10:15pm. Don't forget to stay off of email tonight!"

  • Encouraging you to break down a bad habit into more understandable chunks: "'Procrastination' accounts for 80% of your missed bedtimes. How were you procrastinating last night?"

  • Keeping a targeted reason below a certain threshold: "You miss your bedtime due to Email on average 1.7 times a week. You can log email once this week and still be in a good position to meet your weekly bedtime goal!"

  • Call outs in the Reason Trends report: You can expect targeted reasons to get extra attention in your monthly reason report.

Target reasons are still in beta, but you can expect to see more focus on this feature in the coming months!

charlie molthrop