Emile is my favorite habit-building tool right now. The power of Emile is in its simplicity - it's simply a chatbot that keeps me accountable to my goals by text, like a real human coach. Unlike other apps that I forget to check every day, Emile sends reminders and check-ins to me like a real personal coach. And unlike email reminders that get lost in the hundreds of messages I get a day, Emile simply sends me text messages, which I always check every morning and evening.

Sleeping earlier has been an important goal for me for years now, and I've never had an easy tool to track my progress or keep me accountable before Emile. It's helped me sleep earlier, and has impacted every part of my life - my healthy, energy, motivation, mental health, performance at work, and ability to be present in every situation. It's crazy to think that such small reminders by text can make such a huge difference. If you're trying to change a habit like sleep (and who isn't these days), I can't recommend Emile enough!

Patrick, 25
Philadelphia, PA

Nazli Danis