How To Stop Staying Up Late On Your Phone or Computer

Internet, phone, etc. Technology is one of the most commonly reported reasons Emile users report missing their bedtime. Here are a few tips if your tech is keeping you up:

  • Keep your phone charger outside of your bedroom.

    • Before bed and when you wake up are when you're least likely to be intentional about your phone usage. By keeping your charger outside your bedroom, you're making it easier to keep better sleep hygiene.

    • If you need an alarm or other tech in your bedroom, consider getting a screen-free product like an Amazon Echo Dot.

  • Block websites after a certain time:

    • Use an app like Freedom to block sites on your phone or computer after your bedtime.

  • Take your Emile reminder seriously:

    • By default, Emile reminds you to wind down a little more than an hour before your bedtime. Try using that as your cue to set aside your tech for the night and start your evening routine.

  • Consider this advice from reddit user u/Katcx:

charlie molthrop